Scoot's Drive My Car Service

Have a Drink and Let Us Drive!  Brisbane or Gold Coast Chauffeurs on Folding Scooters, That Get You And Your Car Home 

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Vehicle Transfer Service 

Getting Your Car, Or Your Fleet Of Cars Serviced, Maintained and Managed

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Limousine & Group Transfers

Travel In Style In Our Fully Licensed Limousine Or Have Your Group Collected

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Call 07 3393 1007 for a designated driver, chauffeur service in Brisbane or the Gold Coast 

Small things, making a big difference.

The Scoot2you designated driver service comes straight to drive you home.

A slightly different service from your normal Dial a Driver, we arrive independently on our Italian-made folding scooter, fold it up, put it into its custom-made protective bag and place it into the boot of your car.

Then we drive it home, with or without you in it!

Why Use Us?

1. You might have had a few drinks too many and need to get you and your car home.

Sometimes a big night can spring itself on us. When that happens getting your car the next day can become a logistical nightmare. The simplest way to avoid this next time a big night just 'happens' is to give us a call.
We'll send out one of our speedy chauffeurs to your location. Because we travel with our folding scooters wherever we go, we can move you and your car at the drop of a hat! 

But, we dont just help when you're been drinking;

2.  Have your car dropped off and returned form it's service.

With courtesy cars in demand, kids to get to from school, jobs to contend with, do you really want to be having to deal with getting your car to and from the service centre? 

Our handy scooters get us to and from your location and the service centre when you cant. 

3. Day Surgery Chauffeurs.

Many clients use the Scoot service as a designated driver to return them home from day surgery.
A more personalized service - no waiting for Taxi's and you have someone to walk you right to your door.  

4. Your company's fleet vehicle, servicing, relocation and maintenance.

We know from experience that moving vehicles commercially uses staff resources, impacts on efficiencies and increases operating costs. Contact us for more information on reducing costs with our Fleet Transfer Service.  

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