Fleet Management & Transfer Service

Fleet Transfer Service

Operating and managing a Fleet of Vehicles is a time consuming exercise.  Ensuring your organisation is maximising existing staffing resources and efficiencies is as equal a challenge.

Every company that operates a Fleet of Vehicles, comes up against the same problem:  Moving vehicles.  A really simple exercise you would think?  Well, what is a common reality, is a reduction in efficiencies, as a result of a poor use of existing staff resources, being utilised to move vehicles from one point to another.  This uses two members of staff; one to move a vehicle and the other to collect them when the vehicle has been delivered.  Sound familiar?  Two members of staff to move one vehicle is a waste of resources resulting in a reduction in efficiencies.  

With Scoot's Fleet Transfer Service: 

  • All Chauffeurs move independently from one vehicle to the other, with the use of our scooters doing away with the need for two drivers.
  • The service will increase your organisations efficiencies and help to maximise existing resources
  • Is an extremely cost effective way to manage the movement of your Vehicle Fleet, as the service is only ever paid for when used

Our systems have been integrated to work with fleet and key numbers and our software recognises where a vehicle has been disposed of, helping to avoid unnecessary time wasting and duplication.

For more information regarding the Fleet Transfer Service contact Rick Thorn on 07 3392 3998. 

Fleet Management Service

Arranging annual registration renewals, scheduling annual servicing, tyre changes, cleaning, the general management of vehicles and disposal and delivery of replacements requires existing systems, experienced resources and general man power to move the vehicles when required.  The Scoot2you Fleet Management service brings everything you need all under one roof. Scoot will create an easy to use system, where the general maintenance of your vehicle fleet is managed for you.

For more information contact Rick Thorn 07 3393 1007   

For Private Clients

A Dial A Driver is not just for when you've been drinking...

With busy lives, work commitments, children to drop off and collect from School, getting your car to its service centre for a service really will be the last thing on your mind.  More often than not, it will be an unwanted interruption to your day.  With dealership loan cars being booked out months in advance, the courtesy bus not particularly convenient and the three-hour wait whilst your car is serviced being a dull prospect, would it be useful if you could arrange to have the car collected, driven to its service and brought back? 

Good, because that is what you can do.  Our car pick-up service will have your car collected, taken to its service and brought back to you, and you won't even have to lift a muscle!  Oh, and when we return it, you don’t have to be where we collected it from.  For instance, you might have received a lift home from a friend.  So even though we collected your car from you at work, we can bring it home, wherever you are. We like to think our car pick-up service is flexible and we can personalise our service to suit your needs! Call the Scoot Dial a Driver service on 1300 2 SCOOT make the booking.  

For more information contact 07 3393 1007

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